About the Tri-County Fly Fishers Club

The Club was founded in 1999 by a small handful of men living in central Florida. The Lake County Fly Fishers Club which was founded by Barry Kent, Ed Rapisardi, and Charlie Jacobs 1999 and then merged with a smaller Villages club founded by Oscar Felieu to become The Tri-County Fly Fishers ClubThey all had an interest in fly-fishing. In its infancy the Club members focused on meetings and discussions on the many aspects of fly-fishing. As interest and experience grew the Clubs activities expanded into fishing trips in the area and over the years the Club continued to grow in membership. Club activities also expanded to meet the needs of the members. Today, membership is drawn from permanent and seasonal residents living in the Florida counties of Lake, Marion and Sumter. There is more information on our history and it's members which is available to our members when they log in to the site.


  • Develop and improve skills in fly casting, fly tying and rod building.
  • Be a source of information and instruction.
  • Create awareness of the state of the natural habitat that surrounds us.
  • Become active and informative to correct abuses, violations and myths involving the waters in which we fish.
  • Be socially involved with community outreach programs with others who share our common interests.
  • Actively support State and Federal legislation, proposed or incased, which serve to protect or improve our natural resources.
  • Practice conservation ethics regarding "Catch & Release" of game fish.
  • Make distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under Internal Revenue Codes.