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Tri-County Fly Fishers Club is a not for profit Club whose members have a true love for fly-fishing. We welcome anyone who wants to learn how to fly fish and gain experience in the art of fly tying; and become an active member of the fly-fishing Club.
This Club is made up of about eighty members from beginners to those with 50+ years of fly-fishing and tying experi-ence. Fishing interests range from bluegills and bass to redfish and tarpon, with an occasional rainbow or brown trout from up north or out west thrown in. Today, membership is drawn from permanent and seasonal residents of those in and around the Florida counties of Lake, Sumter and Marion.

November 2015 Presidents Message

  • 1 November 2015
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November 2015 Presidents Message

“Do you keep them?” Invariably, that is the question I’m asked when I tell people that I fly-fish. “No, I like to practice catch and release” is my usual response. With a puzzled look on their face, the follow up question…here it comes…“Well, if you’re not going to keep and eat them, why fish at all?” (For why I love to fly-fish, see my October 2015 Presidents Message)

Oh boy! If I had a nickel for everytime I was asked that question, I’d be filthy rich! While I don’t look down on anyone who fishes and keeps their catch; I personally don’t agree with it, that’s all. I like to release fish that I catch. Do I enjoy eating fish? Yes. Do I keep an occasional fish? Yes, but not very often.

Lately, I’ve come across a couple of articles that may make me rethink my catch and release tactics. I’m rethinking because C&R is not always black or white; fish should always be released and never killed? Or the opposite: catching fish and releasing them is cruel and all fish caught should be killed because they are going to die anyway. I think that what you do with that fish you occasionally catch depends on several factors.  

A majority of the time I favor catch and release. If I catch a fish, (fresh or salt) it goes back in the water to live another day (I hope). But as I’ve learned this isn’t always the correct course of action. (I’ve probably always know this, but not thought about it much)

What if…

The fish you catch in a river or a stream is an undesirable species? For example a sucker fish in a Colorado stream that feeds on trout eggs? Or Lake trout in Yellowstone that are killing off native Cutthroat trout? Or exotic species that have been transplanted into North American waters from other continents like the Lion Fish in the Florida Keys or Peacock Bass in South Florida? Or fish that are considered a nuisance fish like the Longnose Gar in Ohio? Would you release, keep or kill these fish if you caught one?  

What if…

The fish you caught was great eating but endangered, such as the Snook here in Florida? Or sea bass that are in imminent danger of extinction off the California coast? Most people don't eat Sturgeon; it's the tasty roe they're after (black caviar)… this has caused the Sturgeon population to plummet.  Or tuna, specifically northern Bluefin tuna that are endangered in the East Atlantic and critically endangered in the West Atlantic. Would you release these fish if you caught one or keep it?

What if…

The fish you caught is spawning or injured or diseased? Would you release one these fish if you caught one or keep it or kill it?

Anyway, something for all of us to think about next time we are out on the water. For me, I’ve decided that for the most part I’m not going to change my tactics on catch and release much. My advice is to use common sense when you fish. Handle the fish you catch with care. I’ll release most everything I catch with some exceptions. Even though the thought of killing fish makes me cringe, sometimes it’s necessary. I may keep an occasional fish if I feel the need, or kill it if it’s injured, sick or is threatening native fish species. What’s your thought? http://www.orvis.com/news/fly-fishing/video-how-to-catch-and-release-a-trout-correctly/

Club Happenings:

Join us for the Club freshwater trip to the Chassahowitzka River on November 12 and our Christmas Bass n’ Bagels get together at Bonita Pond in The Villages on December 10. For more information and to register for these events, please visit our website.

Join us on November 18 for an exciting evening presentation by Andrei “Drei” Stroman co-owner of Blackbeard Fishing Co. and Kayak Charters. Drei is a professional angler in many aspects of fishing, a kayak instructor and a kayak fisherman. You won’t want to miss this one.

Our TCFF Fly Tying Group will meet at the Pinellas Plaza Library on November 3 and December 1 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.   Come on out and join the fun and tie some flies. We have a great time! So gather up your fly tying gear and join us.  For more information, please visit our website and register for our next gathering.   See you then!

Bob is trying to launch the TCFF Fly Casters Group. This will be a monthly get together similar to our monthly fly tying group. We will meet at Venetian Gardens and practice our fly casting. This could be followed by lunch at a local place or maybe breakfast before casting. Please visit the website blog and register so we can get an idea of those interested. Then Bob can pick a date and get started.

On December 4 & 5 - ... 5th Annual Renzetti Fly Fishing and Rod Building Fair will take place at the Renzetti factory in Titusville, FL. There will be fly tying, casting and rod building. Several big names will be on hand including Lefty Kreh, Bob Clouser, Jon Cave, Flip Pallot, Nick Curcione, Bob Popovics, Pat Ehlers and Curt Baker to name a few. Fly Tying Ambassadors Chris Kincaid, Dave Schmezer, Oscar Feliu, Steve Farrar, Capt. Scott Hamilton will be there as well! I’d like to get a group together and carpool down to this event.

And finally, Officer and Board Member elections for 2016 - 2017 will take place at the December breakfast meeting. We have openings available and if you are interested, please contact Frank Matousek. I know the nomination committee has been very busy gathering candidates for this important election. This is your Club; please try very hard to be present at this meeting as your vote will count.

As always, if you have any ideas, would like to join a committee, or have speakers or programs in mind, please bring it to my or any board member's attention. Don’t forget to visit the Club calendar page and blog for registration, additional information or updates on upcoming events, trips and outings.   

In the meantime...go fish!


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